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At Nabbs Creek Marina, we offer both wet and dry boat storage (boatel) to meet your needs from a premier location on the Chesapeake Bay. Our boatel is a flexible dry storage solution that can allow you to easily get on the water from our boat docks during the season and rest assured that your vessel is safe during the winter. Learn why we should store your boat with our boatyard in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore Boatel

How Our Boat Storage Works

The Nabbs Creek Marina boatyard uses stacked racks for long term storing of boats up to 35’ in length or 20,000 pounds. Boats are safely stored in a protected, dry environment, but we can launch or haul your boat any time any day of the week from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. You can also make arrangements to use your boat afterhours with temporary slip storage for your launch and return to our harbor docks. Depending on your needs, you might opt for an annual or monthly storage contract, which are each affordably priced with competitive rates.


Why Use Our Dry Boat Storage

The dry storage option of our boatyard offers a wealth of advantages over off-site storage facilities or year-round wet storage. This type of storage is perfect if you have a smaller boat and are not frequently able to get onto the water from our boat docks.

  • Convenient Access – Our dry storage facilities are part of our full-service marina, so it is easy to arrange a launch when you want to get on the water from our harbor docks during the season. If you are planning to return your boat after hours, you will have a slip assigned and your vessel will be hauled in the next day. You can also take advantage of work racks to service your boat while it is in storage.
  • Safe Accommodations – Our Marina offers 24/7 security, so when your boat is in the secured facilities of our boatel, you will not have to worry.
  • Reduced Off-Season Damage – You might be happier with off-season dry storage than wet storage, because there is added protection from the elements. You can also extend the life of your boat in dry storage, because the finish and upholstery will have a much longer lifespan.

To reserve a space for your long term boat storage in our boatel or explore all of the services of our Baltimore harbor near the Patapsco River, call Nabbs Creek Marina today at (410) 437-0402.


Boatel Per Foot
Up to 24' $85.00
Up to 29' $94.00
Up to 30F and to 20K lbs $97.00

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  • Complete Renovation of Marina
  • Full Service Marina with Restaurant
  • One of the Premier Facilities on the Chesapeake Bay
  • Nestled in Idyllic Nabbs Creek

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